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Absolute Life Wellness Center was founded in 2010 to assist Austin residents with their health and wellness goals. Our goal is not to pressure our patients into treatment plans or methods that they aren’t interested in. Instead, our Pflugerville chiropractor clinic is designed to help you create a customized health plan for your needs. All of your exercise goals, nutrition needs, and chiropractic adjustments are based on what concerns you bring to us.

Dr. King is the treating chiropractor at the Pflugerville clinic.


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Conveniently located near I-35 in Pflugerville to serve residents of Wells Branch, Round Rock, Hutto, Georgetown, and other nearby areas. Pflugerville residents can depend on the excellent chiropractic reputation of Absolute Life Wellness Center. We offer care for sports injuries, injuries caused by car accidents, as well as nutrition counseling and other wellness care.

Our Services

Absolute Life Wellness Center offers sports and family chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, weight loss and nutrition counseling, and more. Our motto is “One Patient, Multiple Solutions,” meaning that we know there are any number of methods to treat each individual patient.

Chiropractic Adjustments

If you are experiencing discomfort and pain in your back or other parts of your body, a chiropractic adjustment may reduce your pain. Chiropractic adjustments, also known as spinal manipulation, remove misalignments in the spine and get to the root of the issue. The benefits of spinal manipulation are: an increased range of motion, reduced pressure on spinal nerves, and restored motion in joints. Schedule an appointment at our Pflugerville location to receive treatment from our skilled chiropractors.

Sports Injury Treatment

Playing sports and living an active lifestyle can sometimes result in injuries. When this happens, it’s important to address them to prevent further pain down the road. We can treat sprained ankles, shoulder and arm pain, knee injuries from stiffness or torn ACLs, and pulled muscles. Our trained chiropractors can perform adjustments on various parts of the body and our sports massage therapists can help increase blood circulation and speed up the full-body recovery process. If you are looking to treat a sports-related injury, look no further than Absolute Wellness and make an appointment with us today.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

There are many injuries that occur in the aftermath of car accidents. Some of these injuries are whiplash, soft tissue damage, and injuries to the arms, legs, hips, and chest. In a car accident, your body absorbs the impact, but it can cause pain later on. You might sustain organ bruising, herniated discs, and other aches and pains throughout your body. At our Pflugerville location, we can treat these injuries with chiropractic adjustments and other treatments. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone with us today.

Whiplash Treatment

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that can occur from car accidents. When your neck snaps back and forth or side to side suddenly, you can be sure that there will be future neck pain. The pain may not happen immediately, but regardless of your pain level, it’s important to get it treated. Our skilled chiropractors can help you with any pain from whiplash and help you find relief. Contact us or schedule an appointment online today.

Neck Pain

Throughout people’s lives, about 70% of adults will report having neck pain. When neck pain begins, it’s important to look for treatment so you won’t have to suffer with it long-term. Some neck pain treatments include soft tissue therapy, posture corrections, spinal manipulation, and self-administered therapy. Our chiropractors at Absolute Wellness in Pflugerville will be glad to help you with neck pain and any other issues. Schedule an appointment with us to start your journey to recovery.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem for many of us, and it’s an issue that none of us should have to live with. Some causes of lower back pain include pulled muscles, soft tissue damage, and improper alignment. Lower back pain can also contribute to herniated discs and sciatica. To treat these conditions, our chiropractors can perform adjustments and other treatments to reduce pain and so you can improve your quality of life. Schedule an appointment at our Pflugerville location to start your treatment.

Upper and Mid-Back Pain

Causes of upper- and mid-back pain consist of overusing muscles, trauma from herniated discs, and poor posture. Over time, this pain may turn into osteoarthritis, a degenerative condition. To treat upper- and mid-back pain, come to our Pflugerville facility for treatment. Don’t let back pain get in the way of living your life. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Our Pflugerville location is also equipped to create digital X-Rays to focus treatments on the areas of your body that need the most care.

Dr. King is looking forward to hearing from you regarding how Absolute Life Wellness Center can help bring balance back into your daily routine.

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 4 reviews
by Hilary K.

I heard about Absolute Life Wellness Center through a friend. I just recently moved to the Austin area and was looking to find a chiropractor alike to the one I visited back home. I have found him! Dr. King’s adjustments are just what I need. After a long day at the office, I look forward to coming in to my appointments. His staff is always so happy to see me and also very accommodating to my schedule! Absolute Life Wellness Center ROCKS! Great team of professionals! They are definitely on my recommend list.

by Jacob G.

My wife had been in need of a chiropractor and quickly found Absolute Life Wellness Center in our area. I didn’t think I would be interested in becoming one of their patients but after seeing how attentive and helpful they were to my wife I quickly asked for an appointment. I have no regrets! Dr. King has done wonders for my back. I’m now recommending all of my family come by and get adjusted! Dr. King and his staff are the best!

by Sean M.

I was looking to find a skilled chiropractor in my area. After googling a few offices I found Absolute Wellness Center. Let me tell you, Dr. King is where it’s at! He actually listens and works hard to relieve any pain or muscle soreness I may be feeling. He sends me home with a good variety of exercises that have been such help to my overall well being. Dr. King and his staff are great to work with. Always manage to fit me in with my busy schedule.

by Molly M

I’ve been coming to Absolute Life Wellness Center for a couple of years now. Dr. King is always so helpful and attentive to me. He’s always ready to get to the root of the problem. He sends me home with homework ( ie: stretches and exercises) and let me tell you when I don’t follow through with them I definitely notice the difference. I can’t say enough about him and his staff! They are one of a kind!

Chiropractic Services

Shoulder Pain

Back and neck pain can often be the sign of vertebrae sitting slightly out of place. Chiropractic adjustments are reliable treatment to help realign your spinal column and decrease pain. Dr. Fluitt performs chiropractic adjustments at the Pflugerville location of Absolute Life Wellness Center.

Sports Injury Treatment

Wrapped Injured Knee

As one of Pflugerville’s leading sports injury treatment clinic, Absolute Life Wellness Center can treat athletes of all skill level. Dr Fluitt is experienced treating both amateur athletes and Olympic-level competitors. We understand that athletes are often unable to take long periods of time off to recover. That’s why we want to help you get back to training condition as fast as possible.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

Car accident pain

Dr. Fluitt sees patients who were injured in car accidents, seeking chiropractic treatment for their pain and possible mobility issues. To help in the recovery process, Absolute Life offers treatments that can help with soft tissue and whiplash injuries.

Pflugerville Location

About Dr. King

Alberto KingDr. Alberto King is dedicated to helping the patients of Absolute Life Wellness Center. He is a family Chiropractor treating people of all ages from children to the elderly, working with people to improve their health and vitality. He strives to give his patients more fulfilled and enjoyable lives and to educate them about chiropractic care so they, in turn, can educate others.

Dr. King is originally from Panama. His family was in the Army. After graduating high school, he joined the Air Force. He proudly served in the Air Force for four years, stationed at Langley Air Force Base. After serving, he was honorably discharged with two Air Force achievement metals. He moved to Dallas, where he found his path into Chiropractic.

Dr. King completed his undergraduate degree and Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Parker University in 2012. After graduating and having worked in a Personal Injury clinic and a sport medicine clinic, he gained knowledge of musculoskeletal disorders, sport injuries, and myofascial tension. With this experience he is committed to helping all patients achieve higher levels of health.

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