First developed by a doctor looking to alleviate his grandmother’s arthritis pain, Biofreeze is now one of the most effective treatments to pain available. We stock Biofreeze at our Austin chiropractic clinic, and offer the treatment for sale when you make an appointment with us.

What’s In Biofreeze?

The active ingredient in Biofreeze is menthol, which is blended with a number of inactive, yet synergistic ingredients. The final product offers quick, effective relief from pain, without having to resort to prescription drug use. Biofreeze can thus be thought of as a natural solutions, and its potential for negatively affecting the body is very slim.

Who Can Benefit from Biofreeze?

Biofreeze’s primary application is as relief for arthritis pain, which is not surprising, consider that this is exactly the purpose for which the doctor developed it in the first place.

Biofreeze’s unique, cooling formulation is also comforting to a number of other maladies. People suffering from simple problems, such as sore muscles and muscle sprains, as well as more debilitating back, shoulder and neck pain can greatly benefit from using Biofreeze. Likewise, Biofreeze is effective at reducing pain in the ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints, and helping to lessen effects of muscular strains.

Where Can I Get Biofreeze in Austin?

Although Absolute Life Wellness Center has gained a reputation as Austin’s best chiropractor, we employ a whole-patient approach to health exemplified by our motto “One Patient, Many Solutions.” One of the solutions we are proud to offer is Biofreeze.

No matter which type of pain you’re suffering from, or whether or not you’ve thought about finding a chiropractor in Austin, we invite you to Absolute Life Wellness Center. Our Austin chiropractic team, lead by Dr. Daniel Shaddock, will see if Biofreeze or any of our other solutions can help reduce your pain.

Whether you need to see a chiropractor in Kyle or Austin, we have 2 locations for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.