As Austin’s best chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Shaddock and his team at Absolute Life Wellness Center are always open to implementing state-of-the-art techniques to alleviate the pain and suffering of their patients, to complement the long list of other treatments we use on a daily basis.

One of these is known as the Graston Technique®, a patented technique that’s gaining popularity all around the country, as well as in Austin chiropractic clinics. Read on to learn more about the Graston Technique®, why it might be right for you and how you can come meet us in person and get a hands-on demonstration of this and other techniques.

The Graston Technique® in Austin

Dr. Shaddock is skilled in the Graston Technique® and utilizes it with patients to help them recover from soft tissue damage. The best way to see if the Graston Technique® is right for you is to come and meet us, and allow us to examine you. We’re confident at our ability to help you lead a healthier life, as we live by our company motto of “One Patient, Many Solutions.”

If you’re already as confident as us that Absolute Life is the place for you to be, we invite you to request your appointment now, using this form. Alternatively, schedule your consultation online, or call one of our friendly professionals at (512) 280-6103 to learn more about our availability and process. We look forward to seeing you in person!

What is The Graston Technique®?

The Graston Technique® is one method our Austin chiropractic center utilizes for treatment of back pain due to soft tissue problems. By using one of six specialized, steel tools used only by the Graston Technique®, chiropractors are able to palpate their patients’ soft tissues in order to break up adhesions and scar tissue that is causing the patient to have limited motion and pain.