Person in a wheelchair with an orthosis on their leg
If you have ever had any back pain, you might have grabbed a foot insole and put it in your shoe. A foot insole is an orthotic and might provide some temporary relief. What the insole makers will not tell you is that over the counter foot orthotics may actually be promoting bad rhythms, increasing any pain you may have.

Foot orthotics can work. You just need them to be custom made for your foot.

Absolute Life Wellness Center can craft a custom foot orthotic in-house for your exact needs. Starting with a mold from your foot, Dr. Shaddock and his team oversee the creation of a tool to help alleviate any pressure and pain you may be feeling. We then work with you carefully to make sure the orthotic fits precisely around your foot. Whether it is abnormal leg length, problematic posture, or another affliction, our full-service orthotic team can give you the solutions you need to live a pain-free life.

What Is An Orthosis?

An orthosis is designed to straighten your skeleton. One of the greatest benefits of that process is pain relief. Many times, pain is caused by a malformed alignment in the skeleton. An orthosis can help correct that behavior in a safe, non-invasive way. Your pain is reduced and your overall health improves.

A foot orthosis straightens the skeleton by correcting uneven legs or providing support for feet that need something extra. It helps work towards correcting any issues that have become part of your daily rhythm. Slowly, but surely, the foot orthosis can help relieve pain and also boost your health.

Why Do Some People Need Orthoses?

Anatomical leg length is a common issue that is addressed by our Austin Chiropractor during each and every visit here at Absolute Life Wellness Center. Most of the time, this is caused by a pelvic hip dysfunction, which can be treated successfully with chiropractic manipulations. At times, however, patients can have unequal leg length, which Dr. Shaddock is able to treat with a custom fit orthotic.

Orthotics are an incredibly useful tool which can help rectify many conditions. This can include:

  • Getting an injury to heal correctly
    More than likely, you have had a cast or splint. These are two examples of every day orthotics. Using a cast or a splint will help align the damaged bones where they need to be.
  • Correcting body movements
    Over time, you might develop an unnatural walking rhythm that feels right. Your foot movements can put your skeleton out of alignment by using abnormal movements that feel natural. When this happens, an orthotic can correct the behavior and straighten you out.
  • Alleviates pain
    An out-of-alignment skeleton can pinch a nerve in your body. When this happens, you can be in extreme amounts of pain. Applying an orthotic to a problem area can get rid of that pain.

Orthotics at Absolute Life

Person with orthosis on their leg receiving physical therapy
Whether you’re seeking comprehensive health treatment, or simply need relief with a foot orthotic, we can help. Absolute Life Wellness Center is more than an Austin chiropractic clinic – we’re a full-service orthotics treatment center. We can fashion the right tool for your foot to give you the relief you need to excel in life.

If you’re already sure that Absolute Life is the right choice for you, we invite you to request an appointment today, and be seen soon. Still need convincing? Schedule your consultation today using our online form, or by calling (512) 280-6103 and speaking to one of our healthcare professionals in-person. We look forward to meeting you!