Absolute Life Wellness Center has gained a reputation as one of Austin’s best chiropractors, but we live by our motto “One Patient, Multiple Solutions” and opt for a holistic approach to health. One aspect of a person’s life we believe is essential to his or her overall well-being is diet.

The difference is that we don’t use any “fad” diets, like some other health practitioners. Rather, we use whole food supplementation provided by Standard Process, a top-of-the-line product that can only be obtained from certified medical establishments.  We also utilize Standard Process’ 21 day purification process, which amplifies the effect of whole food supplementation.

The Importance of Whole Foods

The problem with many standard supplements is that they’re made using isolated nutrients. Although many of these supplements are labeled as containing high quantities of vitamins, minerals and other essential building blocks of your bodies, they are mostly excreted, since they have no way of being absorbed into your body.

Since Standard Process supplements are made using whole foods, your body processes them exactly like it would raw fruits and vegetables – by fully absorbing the nutrients within!

The Benefits of Purification

Receiving the nutrients you need is important to overall better health, but taking good things in has limited effectiveness if your body is full of bad things. That’s why we believe purification program  is so important, as it facilitates the elimination of natural toxins and the byproducts of daily metabolism, which don’t always disappear from the body as quickly as they build up.

Change Your Diet – and Your Life – Today

Even if you’re not seeking an Austin chiropractor, we encourage you to come in and meet the team at Absolute Life Wellness Center for your nutrition needs. Give us a call at (512) 280-6103, or schedule a consultation online today. We look forward to walking with you along the road to health!