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With the alarming number of car accidents resulting in injuries in Texas every year, it’s critical for drivers to stay informed. Knowing where to turn in the event of any injury could be the difference between relief and chronic issues that last a lifetime. A chiropractor is your best defense at battling long-term suffering. Here are 7 benefits of trusting in a chiropractor after your auto accident.

  1. Reduce Inflammation

Micro-tears within ligaments and muscles are what cause inflammation. They are also the main reason why people experience severe back pain days after an accident. Because these tears don’t show up on X-rays, patients are left confused as to why they have pain. If my X-ray came back normal, there should be no injuries, right? Wrong. This just means that no bones are broken and there are no indications of masses on your spine. A chiropractor will use different forms of spinal manipulations to restore it to its natural placement. Your body will then release an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing swelling and pain. Remember that the spinal cord plays a part in the function of every system in the body.

  1. Reduce Scar Tissue

Seeking the help of a chiropractor can also reduce scar tissue after an accident. Many patients often refer to old wounds when hearing the term scar tissue. While this is true, scar tissue can also form within the body, in your muscles. This is your body’s natural response after an injury. The injury will heal over time, but it will still cause victims’ discomfort. Chiropractors target specific areas of scar tissue buildup and are able to break it up faster. This will help with relief from pain and aid in healing your injury.

  1. Relief Without the Use of Prescription Medication

Medical doctors will prescribe medication to aid in pain management. While it can be easy to trust your doctor and take medication that makes you feel better, this isn’t always the best case. Often times, this will work effectively for short periods of time. However, this only treats the symptoms of pain from a car accident, not the actual cause. Because of this, no actual healing occurs from pain medicine. This method can also extremely addictive, and the opioid crisis is at an all-time high in America. At one time, doctors had clear instructions to use prescription medication for injuries. We now know that this causes dependency in patients in alarming numbers. Chiropractors will treat pain at the source and not just mask it, without the use of any medication.

  1. It’s Non-Invasive

Similar to medication, after an auto accident, medical doctors will often recommend surgery for your back or neck. Chiropractors are non-invasive and promote healing without the need for surgery. If you wait too long after your accident, however, this could be your only option. Spinal fusions and other surgeries often result in additional pain and long recovery periods. Avoid this altogether with the help of a skilled chiropractor in your area.

  1. Restore Range of Motion

Once your chiropractor addresses your inflammation, they will examine your current range of motion. Blood and nutrients can now find the areas in which they belong, because inflammation will no longer slow down the healing process. As previously stated, your spine and neck will mobilize after a chiropractic adjustment, beginning the body’s natural healing process. Any range of motion lost as the result of the car accident will be restored with routine visits to your chiropractor.

  1. Pain Isn’t Always Obvious

Broken bones and lacerations are a more obvious form of pain, because we can physically see them. Many injuries from car accidents that benefit from chiropractic care can’t be seen with the naked eye. It could take hours or days for you to feel these symptoms associated with injuries:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Soreness
  • Pain

The best way to treat any injuries is with preventive care from your chiropractor. They can diagnose injuries efficiently to treat pain before it becomes unbearable.

  1. Chiropractic Care Is Proven to Work

Chiropractors are skilled professionals used for decades by accident victims to manage pain properly. Above all, their methods are proven to work. Patients who receive routine adjustments and are active following their accident recover more quickly. Those who are sedentary and don’t seek the help of an Austin chiropractor could greatly suffer in the long-term. Drugs and surgery aren’t required for most auto accidents. Chiropractors are your first line of defense in battling future ailments.