Here at Absolute Life Wellness Center, we use a combination of treatments and therapies to make sure that every patient benefits from our motto, “One Patient, Multiple Solutions.” Some of these treatments, such as chiropractic adjustments, are proven with hundreds of years of science, while others are more cutting-edge in nature.

Others, on the other hand, employ techniques that are fundamental to the treatment of ailments. While using heat therapy is far from a novel idea when it comes to aches and pains, the approach to heat therapy we use at our Austin chiropractic clinic puts an especially soothing spin on this classic pain relief.

Our Approach to Heat Therapy

Heat packs are used to decrease muscle spasms, which relax the muscles, allowing for a better chiropractic adjustment. Traditionally, you might do something as simply as place a bag filled with hot water onto a sore spot to quickly relieve spams and aches that lead to pain.

We utilize hydrocollator packs, at our Austin chiropractic office, which are immersed in hot water and allow for a deeper heat penetration into the muscle tissue.  Heat therapy also allows for increased blood flow to an injured area, resulting in faster healing times.

Heat Therapy in Austin

The only way to experience our revolutionary approach to heat therapy in-person is to come in to our Austin or Kyle location and try if for yourself. And now is the best time ever to pay us a visit, whether you’re already sold on our reputation as the best chiropractor in Austin, or you need more convincing.

Request an appointment today, or call us directly at (512) 280-6103 to speak to one of our professionals about how Absolute Life Wellness Center to help you live a healthier life.