No matter which part of your body is the root of your pain, suffering through it can often seem like an endless struggle, especially if your doctor tells you there’s “nothing [he] can do about it.” In situation such as these, it’s easy to get hopeless, and to simply resign yourself to a miserable life.

Thankfully, the best Austin chiropractor can help you achieve pain relief through extremity adjustments and other spinal and joint manipulations. Sign up for a consultation today to learn how finding a chiropractor in Austin can not only benefit your neck and back, but your whole-person health as well.

What Are Extremity Adjustments?

Extremity adjustment, also known as extremity manipulation, is the art of manipulating the joint of an extremity to instill motion within the joint. One common ailment that extremity adjustments are effective for is adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder syndrome.

Frozen shoulder syndrome generally occurs in the following three stages:

  • Painful stage – When shoulder movement begins to hurt and, therefore, range of motion becomes limited.
  • Frozen Stage – Pain may decrease, due to immobility of the shoulder, causing the shoulder to become “frozen.”
  • “Thawing” stage – Extremity adjustments can help the range of motion and begin “thawing” the frozen shoulder.

How Extremity Adjustment Can Help You

While patients typically don’t see dramatic, fast pain relief in their frozen shoulder after the first manipulation, marked improvement is generally noted with initial treatment at our Austin chiropractic clinic. Sticking to a treatment regimen administered by a professional results in significant alleviation over time, with some patients even reporting total relief.

And extremity adjustment isn’t just beneficial to people who are suffering extreme shoulder pain. Although frozen shoulders are the most common extremity adjustments performed, there are several extremity joints that can be manipulated at our Austin chiropractic center for pain relief and increased range of motion.

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