As a top Austin chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Shaddock realizes that chiropractic adjustment is but one of many treatment techniques to help relieve patient pain and suffering. He and his team at the Absolute Life Wellness Center utilize a number of other therapies, both classic and cutting-edge, to help buoy their reputation as Austin’s best chiropractor.

One of these techniques is known as “electrical stimulation.” Read on below to learn more about what electrical stimulation is, how it might benefit you and how you can experience it first-hand.

What is Electrical Stimulation?

Muscles in the body use adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, as an energy source in order to contract and relax. Electrical stimulation is designed to decrease the ATP stored in the muscle, allowing the muscle to relax and allows for a better chiropractic adjustment.

Electrical stimulation can help decrease muscle spasms, decrease pain and decrease inflammation.  Heat or Ice is often used in conjunction with electrical stimulation, in order to help reduce muscle spasms or to decrease pain and inflammation, as well as to provide temperature-based soothing.

Electrical Stimulation in Austin

Electrical stimulation is an important part of our therapeutic arsenal at our Austin chiropractic clinic, so if you live in central Texas and have considered electrical stimulation treatment, you need look no further than Absolute Life Wellness Center, where “One Patient, Multiple Solutions” is not only our company motto, but a mantra we live by day to day.

If you’re ready to start working with our team to relieve pain and tension, and to improve your overall life and health, you can request an appointment. Or, if you’re not yet convinced that we’re the best chiropractor in Austin, schedule your consultation online, or give us a call at (512) 280-6103 to discuss options for coming in to see us. We look forward to meeting you!