Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Daniel Shaddock is one of the best chiropractors in Austin, serving both the city of Austin and surrounding areas, and specializes in providing chiropractic adjustments.

Active Release Technique

Often referred to simply as “ART,” active release technique is a highly-successful treatment technique patented by a leading chiropractor, one we’re pleased to offer to patients seeking an Austin chiropractor.

Flexion Distraction

Low back pain, disc herniations and sciatica are just a few of the conditions we treat using flexion distraction at our Austin chiropractic clinic.

Therapeutic Exercise

Also known simply as “rehabilitation,” therapeutic exercise is used to strengthen the musculature in the human body and increase range of motion, and is one of the most popular solutions we offer at our Austin chiropractic clinic.

Kinesiology Tape

The theory behind utilizing kinesiology tape is based on the fact that muscles actually heal faster if they are kept mobile rather than stationary. As one of Austin’s best chiropractors, Dr. Shaddock understands that therapeutic placement of kinesiology tape opens up injured muscles and allows lymphatic fluid to flow around the damage tissue and cleanse it.

Car Accident Injuries

We often help patients suffering from a variety of car accident injuries including whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and more.

Extremity Adjustments

Extremity adjustment, also known as extremity manipulation, is the art of manipulating the joint of an extremity to instill motion within the joint. As a top chiropractor in Austin, Dr. Shaddock offers a variety of extremity adjustments.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, no matter which other conditions you suffer from, which is why nutrition counseling is among the many solutions we offer to people looking for Austin chiropractic treatment.

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

One of our most popular services for back pain, spinal decompression therapy alleviates the intense pain associated the injury and degeneration of your spinal discs.

(This treatment is only available at the South Austin clinic.)

Purification and Weight Loss

We offer purification and weight loss treatment to patients who are not only seeking a chiropractor in Austin, but a better sense of overall health. We use the Standard Process, which employs a 21-day purification process.

Sports Injury Treatment

We are recognized as a leader in Austin for sports injury treatment. Trusted by professional and amateur athletes alike, we help athletes get back into form after injuries.

Graston Technique®

Dr. Shaddock is skilled in the proven Graston technique® and utilizes it with Austin chiropractic patients to help them recover from soft tissue damage.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is used at our Austin chiropractic center to decrease muscle spasms , decrease pain and decrease inflammation. The muscles in the body use ATP as an energy source in order to contract and relax.

Hot Moist Pack (Heat)

Heat packs are used to decrease muscle spasms, which relax the muscles, allowing for a better chiropractic adjustment. We utilize hot moist (hydrocollator) packs at our Austin chiropractic offices.


Biofreeze is one of many state-of-the-art technologies we use at our Austin chiropractor offices. A unique, cooling formulation, Biofreeze soothes and comforts muscle, back, neck and shoulder pain, while lessening pain in the ankle, knee, elbow and hip joints, and helping to diminish the effects of arthritis.

Cryotherapy (Ice Therapy)

No matter why you’re seeking a chiropractor in Austin, cryotherapy (ice therapy) coupled with other anti-inflammatory treatments, is useful for the reduction of swelling and, in turn, pain.

Cold Laser Therapy

Since the 1960’s, cold laser therapy has been successfully used to heal wounds, tissue and bones along with reducing pain and inflammation caused by various chronic and acute diseases. Absolute Life Wellness Center is one of many Austin chiropractors to use this technique.

(This treatment is only available at the South Austin clinic.)


At times, patients can have unequal leg lengths, which Austin chiropractor Dr. Daniel Shaddock treats using custom fit orthotics.

Digital X-ray Scans & Evaluations

As a part of all new patient consultations, Absolute Life Wellness Center utilizes digital X-ray scans and evaluations of all findings. Schedule your appointment today to get started!

(This treatment is only available at the South Austin and Pflugerville clinics.)

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