Here at Absolute Life Wellness Center, we’re known as one of Austin’s best chiropractors, but chiropractic adjustments are only the beginning of the many solutions we offer. Another treatment options available at Absolute Life is flexion distraction, which we’re excited to tell you about below.

What Is Flexion Distraction?

Flexion distraction works for disc related conditions by increasing the intervertebral disc height, removing annular tensions on the nerves and fibers, thus making more room while improving circulation. Flexion distraction normally utilizes a special table to help restore normal physiological range of motion to all of the spinal joints. The gentle manipulation works with the body’s design to help it heal itself properly.

Who Needs Flexion Distraction?

Although flexion distraction is a gentle treatment, it is extremely powerful in the treatment of a very wide range of conditions. From simple probems like low back pain, low-back muscle spasms and disc herniation, to more severe and complex conditions such as sciatica and disc degeneration, flexion distraction can help sufferers of nearly a dozen unique conditions.

The Benefits of Flexion Distraction

For non-disc related conditions such as sprain, scoliosis, and misalignments, flexion distraction offers not only offers pain relief benefits, but it allows Austin chiropractor Dr. Daniel Shaddock the ability to place the joints within the spine into normal movements. Flexion Distraction is designed to target the low back paraspinal musculature and to restore motion within the lumbar facets in the lumbar spine.

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