whiplash causing pain int he upper back and neckThe term “whiplash” has become ubiquitous in our society, and is associated with everything from ambulance-chasing lawyers, to a sure way to make money off an insurance claim after a car accident. Although some of these associations carry humorous connotations, the fact is what whiplash is no laughing matter.

Whiplash, which broadly speaking occurs whenever your neck muscles and ligaments are pushed beyond their normal range of motion, can not only cause discomfort in the short term – it can lead to pain of a very chronic sort.

Whiplash and Car Accidents

Whiplash’s association with car accidents is not, well, accidental: A rear-end automobile collision is the surest means of creating the unnatural motions which lead to whiplash. Specifically, when the head moves suddenly backward, and then immediately forward, you can be sure that neck pain is in your future.

The worst part about whiplash is that pain is not always immediate, and it often lasts into the long term, even if it manifests itself immediately. If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s essential that you be seen by a chiropractor as soon as possible after the accident, regardless of whether or not you currently feel any pain.

Whiplash Treatment in Austin

The one bit of good news I have for you about whiplash is that if you’re suffering from it, there’s relief in sight. As one of Austin’s best chiropractors, I offer whiplash treatment as one of the many chiropractic therapy options at my Austin chiropractic clinic.

Pain from whiplash can be incredibly debilitating to live with. Whether you need to see a chiropractor in Kyle, San Marcos or Austin, we have 3 locations for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.