3D model of a spine showing a herniated discMost people know that a spinal disc acts as a sort of cushion between the vertebrae, or bones, of your spine. What many don’t know is the how the anatomy of a disc can lend itself to an extremely painful condition, commonly known as a “herniated disc.”

If you’ve ever suffered from a herniated disc, then you know first-hand the incredible pain and discomfort this can cause, regardless of your grasp of the underlying science – back pain is only the beginning!

No matter your experience (or, hopefully, lack thereof) with disc herniation, here’s a crash course in how it happens – and, more importantly, how Austin’s best chiropractor can treat it for you.

Herniated Disc Explained

We tend to think of the spinal discs as solid cushions, not unlike insoles in a shoe. Anatomically speaking, however, spinal discs are closer to jelly donuts. Like the gooey filling of jelly donuts, the gel-like interior of a spinal disc stays inside unless trauma happens to the outer casing. When the interior of the disc escapes the exterior, this is known as “disc herniation.”

The worst part about disc herniation is that words can’t explain how painful it can be, although it’s important to note that some people suffer no pain. Symptoms, when they do occur, can include pain, weakness or even numbness in extremities such as the arm or the leg.

Herniated Disc Solutions

The silver lining of disc herniation is that the vast majority of cases don’t require surgery to fix. Not surprisingly, one of the most common non-surgical therapies for a herniated disc is chiropractic adjustment.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a herniated disc, or just suspect you might be suffering from one, schedule a consultation at our Austin chiropractic clinics today. Even if your discs are just fine, we at Absolute Life strive for a “One Patient, Multiple Solutions” approach to health, and believe in the power of chiropractic care to improve overall well-being.

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