Chiropractic Stretches and Exercises

Chiropractic stretches and exercises are forms of rehabilitation used to strengthen the musculature in the human body and increase overall range of motion. By strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine, you can shorten recovery and decrease your chances of repeat injuries.

Choose an area to stretch:

Neck and Shoulder Stretches

The following stretches are perfect for when you’re encountering neck pain or pain in your upper or mid-back. All three of these stretches are crucial to perform on a daily basis during the first phases of your recovery. It’s important that you always repeat all stretches for both sides.

Upper Trap Stretch

The upper trap attaches to the base of the skull and comes all the way down to the shoulder. To get a good stretch, place both hands over your head and behind your back. Using your right arm, pull your left arm and simultaneously tilt your head towards your right. Remember to keep your left arm straight. Hold for at least ten seconds before you switch arms. Repeat five times on both sides.

Scapular Retractions

Scapular Retractions are the movement of bringing your shoulder blades back and together. They are critical for improving range of motion within the scapula. This motion also helps to alleviate some of the stress most people build up in their mid-backs during the average work day. Start with your arms crossed. Then, rotate the arms back, squeezing the shoulder blades in the middle. It can help to imagine you’re trying to compress an object like a stress ball between them. Continue this motion back and forth for three sets of fifteen.

Scalene Stretch

A lot of times, when people are stretching their necks, they neglect their scalene muscles, located on the sides of your neck. For the scalene stretch, start by using three fingers of your right hand to push down on your right clavicle. Then slowly bring your head down, chin to chest. As you push down, move your head up and over to the opposite direction of where your hand is (the left, in this case). Hold for eight seconds and relax.

Stretches for Mid/Lower Back Pain

The following stretches focus primarily on your lower back. They are a great way to release tension from sitting all day and should be done daily for maximum results.

McKenzie Exercise

This is a daily exercise for people struggling with mobility with their mid or lower back. Start off laying face down on the ground with your arms at your sides. From this position, swing your arms up so that your forearms are the only parts making contact with the floor. Push up away the floor while keeping everything below your waist firmly in place. Use as much pressure as is comfortable for you (a little discomfort is normal).

If you feel like this isn’t enough, you can lift your forearms from the ground so that only your palms remain on the floor.

Hold for one minute. Then, return your arms to the ground and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

Piriformis Stretch

This stretch focuses on the lower back and buttocks. Start off lying on your back. Cross one leg over the other so that the outside on its ankle is resting on the other leg’s knee. Grasp under that knee and pull gently pull towards you. Hold for 30 seconds. As always, repeat on both sides.

Psoas Stretch

This stretch is great if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk. Start off kneeling in a lunge position. Lean forwards deeper into the lunge and reach your arms up and over towards the side with the leg forwards. Hold for ten seconds, and repeat five times on each side.

Exercises for Back Pain

Now that you’re in phase two, it’s time to work into our exercise portion. It’s critical to do the following three exercises three times a week.

Core Opposition

Start off lying on your back. Raise both arms above your head but still resting on the ground. Reach one arm over the knee of the opposite leg. In doing so, keep your arm straight but bend your leg at the knee.

When your hand makes contact with your knee, make sure you are flexing your core. return your arm and leg to their starting position without touching the floor. Do five sets of ten for both sides.

T-Y-I Exercise

Don’t worry if you find this exercise difficult at first, as it uses muscles that you probably aren’t used to activating. Start laying face down with your arms spread on either side. Lift your arms up off the ground towards the ceiling so that your shoulds are pulled together. The upper half of your body should come slightly off the ground as you do so.

Return your arms and repeat this movement ten times. Do an additional set of ten with your arms in the “Y” shape and “I” shape.

Scapular Retraction Strengthening

This exercise will help with our posture by strengthening your mid-back. It will also alleviate pain from sitting all day.

Begin with your arms bent at the elbow with your palms up. Move your elbow back and shoulder blades together. Hold tightly in this position for ten seconds, as if pinching a stress-ball between your shoulder blades. Return your arms in front of you and across each other and repeat as needed.

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by Kaley G.

I went to Absolute Life Wellness Center after my accident in early January. I was suffering from extreme low back pain and within three visits I felt relief. Dr. Shaddock and his staff are awesome and I will continue coming even after my treatment from my accident is complete.

by Mary H.

Dr. Shaddock is beyond amazing. He is a great doctor that defiantly knows what he is doing. He had me feeling immediate relief following my car crash. The atmosphere in his office is very friendly and it has me looking forward to my appointments. His staff is very helpful and they always greet their patients with a smile. I definitely recommend them to all of my coworkers. 😉

by Michael B.

I appreciate all the work Absolute Life Wellness Center has done for me. Being injured in a car accident I didn’t think I would get much relief from my aches and pains from just visiting a chiropractor. Dr. King has been so helpful and attentive to what I am feeling. I couldn’t thank him enough. His staff is always so kind and friendly as well. These two are awesome to work with! I definitely recommend!

by Priscilla A.

I have never been to a chiropractor before so I was a bit hesitant, but now I am extremely happy that I went. The doctor ordered x-rays on my first visit before he did any treatment so he knew exactly what was going on. On my second visit the doctor went over my x-rays and explained to me what was wrong and how he could help. He offered me a treatment plan to help my injuries. I’m looking forward to my future sessions with Dr. Shaddock and his staff!!!

by Roy A.

I recently got into a car accident and was referred to Absolute life wellness center due to the excruciating pain in my neck and back. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Fluitt was patient and extremely helpful thought my whole care. He made me feel so much better and made sure my health was top priority. The staff was amazing they communicated with the hospitals and attorneys to get all my records together making the process stress free.

by Samantha I.

The staff is amazing! A couple months ago I got in my first ever accident and was super overwhelmed with all the doctor appointments and having to get an attorney. The staff was super sweet and walked me through paperwork and treatment, always making sure I was comfortable as this was a new experience for me. Dr. Fluitt was very kind and made sure I always understood what was going on. I couldn't be more thankful to absolute life wellness center for their professionalism and hospitality.

by Sarah C.

My husband and I recently got into a car accident. We were then referred to Absolute Life Wellness Center. I had severe neck pain as well as back pain. Not to mention I’m also pregnant; I wanted to make sure they were going to help me even under the circumstances. Dr. King has been wonderful to work with. I always look forward to getting my adjustment. I feel a complete difference! My visits are always pleasant; the front desk is always smiling and always so attentive to any of my needs. I would recommend this place to any of my friends.