A Subluxation Solution

Although we often think of the spinal column as a single entity, much like a column that supports a building or other architectural structure, our spine is actually a complex network of bones, nerves, muscles and soft tissue.

The good news this brings is that if one or two of these components malfunctions, the spinal column itself won’t completely collapse on itself, as a building might if one of its main support columns cracks.

The bad news is that when any of these components malfunction – and they can do so, simultaneously in some cases – you will feel intense pain until the underlying cause is resolved. A vertebral subluxation is a particularly painful example of a structural malfunction of the spine.

The Anatomy of a Vertebral Subluxation

It’s important to note that subluxations can occur throughout the body and, thus, to differentiate the vertebral subluxation complex, or “VSC.” In the most basic terms, a VSC happens when one or more of your spinal bones moves out of places, causing pressure on nerves and, thus, back pain.

On a deeper level, however, a VSC is much more complex than this. For example, while in some cases one or more spinal bones simply slips out of place, in others the bone can actually degenerate.

Likewise, a VSC not only involves the nerves, which cause pain, but the surrounding muscle and soft tissue, which can actually change shape to accommodate a moved or degenerated disc, making treatment more complicated.

Chiropractic Treatment for VSC

While many types of spinal trauma can be helped by (and, in some cases, require) surgery or other medical treatment, VSC is unique in that chiropractors are the only professionals trained in VSC detection, location and treatment.

Therefore, if you live in central Texas and believe you might be suffering from a vertebral subluxation, schedule a consultation with me and my amazing Austin chiropractic team.

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