IT Band syndrome, which is short for “ilitibial band syndrome,” is a painful condition found most commonly in athletes and runners.

A long thick, sheet of fascia (i.e. tissue that encases muscle) that stretches from the hip to the knee, the IT band goes unnoticed by most people who aren’t experiencing problems with it. The majority IT pain sufferers are runners or athletes in other high-impact sports.

If you suspect you might be suffering an IT band injury, read on to learn more about the signs and symptoms of IT band syndrome, and also for IT band treatment options from me, a leading Austin chiropractor.

Causes and Symptoms of IT Band Syndrome

Most cases of IT band syndrome are caused by asymmetrical strain on the IT band, which makes perfect sense when you consider the symmetrical nature of your IT bands. For example, a runner who typically runs on the right side of a particular road might experience issues with her right IT band because it receives more force than her left one.

Other cases of IT band syndrome take root not because of running, biking or other sports, but because of improper preparation for athletic activity, namely improper stretching. One leading cause of IT band syndrome stems from tight hip abductor muscles, which are easily loosened when stretched properly.

The IT band gives support to the knee, so it should come as no surprise that knee pain, often of an intense sort, is the most common symptom of IT band syndrome. In fact, IT band syndrome has been reported as one of the most common root causes of pain in the knee.

Treatment of IT Band Syndrome

Whether you’ve previously had your IT band syndrome diagnosed, or are simply afraid that it might be the cause of your knee pain, come to one of our Austin chiropractic clinics and let me take a look at it. Depending on the severity and other factors surrounding your IT band syndrome, I may do therapeutic muscle work, or targeted adjustments of the hip and knee joints to address the root cause of your injury. Let Absolute Life Wellness Center work our “One Patient, Multiple Solutions” magic on you.

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