Absolute Life Wellness Center has earned a reputation as Austin’s best chiropractic clinic, but we offer much more than adjustments – and we treat much more than neck pain or back pain. We offer a wide variety of therapies that range from revolutionary, cutting-edge techniques to treatments of the more classic sort.

One technique that’s been around for longer than most of us have is using ice to relive pain and muscle spams, but we use it in a specific, targeted way to maximize its benefits to you. Read on to learn more about why ice therapy might be the right choice for you.

The Benefits of Ice Therapy

When dealing with injury or inflammatory conditions, ice therapy coupled with other anti-inflammatory treatments, is useful for the reduction of swelling and, in turn, pain. Many don’t realize just how troublesome inflammation is and how much pain it can cause.

We generally use ice in acute conditions in order to cause vasoconstriction within the tissues, allowing the area of injury to heal faster. Often times, we combine ice therapy with other solutions at our Austin chiropractic clinic, as part of our commitment to our motto “One Patient, Multiple Solutions.”

Ice Therapy at Absolute Life

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