Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries should not be taken lightly. Neck pain, back pain, and limb injuries can be nagging and can feel worse over long periods of time if not treated properly.

Absolute Life Wellness Center provides a variety of chiropractic treatments for car accident injuries in Austin, Kyle, and Pflugerville.

Types of Car Accident Injuries We Treat

Soft Tissue Injuries

car accident injury due to whiplashLikely the most common injury from car accidents, soft tissue injuries involve damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These can range from bruises and cuts to heavy tissue damage and severely mobility-limiting injuries.

Damage to the soft tissues of wrists, hands, fingers, feet, and toes can be easily underestimated. These extremities absorb impact from car collisions and can become swollen, achy, or even lose mobility over time.

Back Injuries

Back injuries (lower, mid, and upper) can also occur from sudden impact car accidents and can often be helped by chiropractic adjustments. Herniated discs are some of the most common back injuries from car accidents. Since spinal discs are soft, flexible tissues, they can easily sustain damage from heavy impact. As the disc flexes and absorbs impact, part of the tissue may herniate and pinch nerves along the spinal cord, causing pain throughout the body.

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Chest Injuries

While most chest injuries from car accidents are cuts, scrapes, or bruises, in more severe accidents the chest can be impacted which can result in rib injuries and even broken ribs. If a driver is not wearing a seatbelt before a car accident, impact with the steering wheel can cause trauma, and if the driver is wearing a belt, extreme pressure may be exerted against them through the chest strap.

Even if you feel perfectly normal after a car accident, seat belts could have caused internal damage. Organ bruising is a high risk after collisions of moderate speed, and might not be externally visible or noticeably painful.

Cracked ribs might not be obvious until they are a serious problem. You should have your entire body examined to be sure no internal chest injuries have occurred after a car crash.

Arm or Leg Injuries

Arm and leg injuries are another common issue seen in cases of car accidents. Leg injuries often occur in head on collisions when the legs are pushed up or jammed towards the driver’s chest. Arm injuries are common in most all accidents due to contact with the steering wheel, doors, or windows.

Hip injuries are also common, as your legs push backward into the sockets from accident impact. This may make walking painful after a collision, and could result in misalignment of the spine without correction.


Whiplash is a common car accident injury. Impact from the collision snaps the head back and forth, or side-to-side, causing damage to the soft tissues in the cervical spine, or straining muscles in the neck.

Though whiplash is not serious by itself, if left untreated, it can worsen rapidly. Your neck is one of the most commonly stretched, utilized, and rotated muscles in your body.

Without using a brace, it can be difficult to minimize muscle usage to promote healing. Chiropractic treatments can also stimulate muscle recovery without the use of a neck brace.

diagram of man with whiplash injury to cervical spine

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