Neck Pain: What is it?

The bad news is that that neck pain is very common problem – it’s estimated that up to 70% of the adult population experiences neck pain at some point in life. The good news? A number of neck pain treatments are available, whether you seek out a chiropractor in Austin, or take steps to reduce neck strain on your own.

The ability to predict a favorable response of chiropractic treatment for neck pain has been termed, “clinical prediction rules” which in general, are usually made up of combinations of things the patient says and findings from exams. In a large study, data from about 20,000 patients receiving about 29,000 treatments, was collected and analyzed to find out what complaints responded well to chiropractic treatment.

The “take-home” message here was that was far more common to see a favorable response (70-95%) of the patients compared to an unfavorable response (4-12%), supporting the observation that most patients with neck pain complaints will respond favorably to chiropractic treatment.

Austin chiropractors may utilize a long list of treatment options for neck pain, including but not limited to the following: Chiropractic adjustments; Soft tissue therapy, such as trigger point stimulation and myofascial release; Physical therapy modalities; Posture correction exercises, and other exercises and home self-administered therapies; Education about job modifications; and Co-management with other health care providers if/when needed.

No matter why you’re suffering from neck pain, or how severe your neck pain is, call the Austin Chiropractor that cares today to schedule your appointment to tackle the neck pain you have been experiencing. Since our motto is “One Patient, Many Solutions,” we not only offer chiropractic treatments, but other health solutions to treat your whole-person health.

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