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As adolescents mature and grow, they might experience odd aches and pains, headaches, or other unexpected maladies. A family chiropractor can assist in relieving some of the afflictions of growing teenagers.

Family Chiropractic Helps All Ages

We’ve found that no matter your age, chiropractic care offers a benefit to your health. That’s why our Austin family chiropractic team spends time learning about your activity regiment and works to improve your overall health.

Adolescence is perhaps one of the most crucial times to your body’s development, which means you should take special care to treat it right and establish a foundation of good health. We treat adolescents with many different interests, including athletes, dancers, performers, and more. It’s never too early to begin investing in your bodily health.

How to Stop Growing Pains With Chiropractic Treatment

Many children and teens experience the phenomenon of growing pains. These are typically achy and dull pains through the leg muscles, usually experienced in both legs at once. They have never been linked to growth spurts, despite their name. Instead, it is speculated that “growing pains” are caused by the overuse of leg muscles by children and adolescents during extended physical activity.

Growing pains are muscular in nature, which means they can easily be treated through massage and doctor-guided stretching. With athletes, muscular and sports massage techniques go a long way towards preventing and relieving growing pains.

It is possible that chiropractic adjustments could help with growing pains as well. By taking pressure off of joints that experience high impact, it may be possible to prevent muscular soreness in the legs that cause so-called “growing pains.”

Treating Teenage Injuries

Teens are likely to develop interests that may cause them injuries over time. These include sports and other adventurous pursuits like hiking, skating, urban exploration, dancing, and more. Though these activities are not inherently dangerous, the adolescent tendency towards recklessness may compound injury risk.

Joint health and muscle flexibility are key to avoiding injury during teenage years. Chiropractors develop both of these physical traits during treatment plans. When teenagers get injured, chiropractic treatment can speed recovery and prevent additional injury in the future.

Chiropractic Care Fosters Health in a Growing Body

As bones lengthen, muscles and tendons must grow as well. This can sometimes weaken the muscular system and leave fragile joints with less protection. Regular visits to a family chiropractor help stimulate growth in muscles and limbering up tendons.

As teens continue to grow, it’s important to keep muscles limber and strong. Strong muscles reinforce bones to prevent breakage and lessen pressure on joints and tendons.

Absolute Life Wellness Center is your best choice for Austin family chiropractic care. If you or your adolescent family members are experiencing growing pains, sports injuries, or general aches, pains and discomfort, schedule an appointment today!