Chiropractic Advice

Not a professional athlete? That’s ok, you don’t need to be in order to receive the benefits of chiropractors!

The Mets baseball team hasn’t achieved 2nd place in the National League East without superior play and a bench full of some of the world’s greatest athletes, but one key player that can be attributed to their winning power that doesn’t show up on their roster – a chiropractor.

The Met’s infield is plagued with injuries namely David Wright, Asdrubal Carera, Lucas Duda all with bad backs and Neil Walker with a bad knee, but one fix to keep the players on the field is a chiropractor to treat and manage their lingering ailments. Despite the Met’s long injury list, a chiropractor has helped the team stay ahead of their injuries so that players can stay on the field, enabling them to have longer careers and maintain peak performance.

You may not suit up in an orange and blue uniform to play America’s pastime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat or manage your injuries like a professional athlete.

A chiropractor can help you get over injuries faster or teach you various techniques to reduce pain and stress on problem areas, getting you back to competing for that coveted champion title in your league or maybe even reducing pain in your ankles in order to get a faster mile in an upcoming marathon.

Athletes choose chiropractors for several reasons, one is to repair the body from the grueling stress that performing at a high level puts on your muscles and bones. But you don’t have to perform in the big leagues to push your body; any intense exercise can be problematic for your joints.

Another reason athletes choose chiropractic medicine is because it helps prevents injuries and it stabilizes the body for an enhanced performance. Chiropractors can help relax and repair over worked and over used muscles and they can also create a tailor made treatment to fit your exercise regimen. In an interview with Fox Sports earlier this year, Houston Oiler hall of famer Warren Moon swore by the maintenance required to keep his body in tip top shape stating, “I did massage twice a week, chiropractor twice a week, did acupuncture. I did a lot of different things to get my body ready, especially after the age of 36.”

Although chiropractors can help improve your overall health and reduce pain caused by exercise, treatments may not lead you to the NFL Hall of Fame or guarantee you a walk on spot on the Mets, but they can help you achieve your level of play.