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Supplements to Balance Your Health

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At Absolute Life Wellness Center, our motto is “One Patient, Multiple Solutions.” With every patient, we create a unique plan to revitalize and foster overall health and wellness.

Part of that mission includes the internal health of the body’s systems. When Dr. Shaddock opened his practice, he began recommending various natural supplements to his patients, but was disappointed with the high prices and lack of availability.

That’s why he created Dr’s Elite Nutrition. In his effort to provide healthy lives for his patients, Dr. Shaddock decided to open his own supplement store where he can provide beneficial vitamins, amino acids, and health complexes at reliably low prices.

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Why Dr’s Elite Nutrition?

We don’t want to price gouge you – we want to help you have the most balanced lifestyle possible. All of the supplements available from Dr’s Elite Nutrition are priced appropriately, not inflated with huge markup costs.

On top of the price disparities, Dr. Shaddock also noticed that many supplements in the industry were of low quality. Either ingredients were too diluted, reducing effect and upping intake, or useful substances were mixed with “miracle pills” that actually had little to no effect on health. He made it his mission to create a supplement supply that was high quality without the false promises and misleading miracle cures.

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Dr’s Elite Nutrition is an partner! Buying low-cost supplements for your Absolute Life Wellness plan couldn’t be simpler. You can now depend on Amazon’s renowned customer service and support your local Austin chiropractor at the same time. It’s just like shopping for any of the other products you’ve seen on!

For Patients

Dr. Shaddock has created Dr’s Elite Nutrition for the specific purpose of providing products without high markup costs. We’ve combined his vision with the convenience of ordering, to help you get what you need easier, faster, and at a cheaper price.

For Healthcare Providers

If you’re looking to provide your patients with beneficial supplements like these, Dr’s Elite Nutrition can help. Our high quality supplements can be bought in bulk online so you can stock your practice at a fraction of the price of a larger supplement distributor.

Dr. Shaddock and the team of Austin chiropractors at Absolute Life Wellness Center are proud to provide supplements to chiropractic doctors and patients across the country. If you want to learn more, visit the Dr’s Elite Nutrition website!