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Austin area car accidents are on the rise, don’t wait until you feel pain to visit a chiropractor 

New treatments in chiropractic medicine have made it easier to assess and treat injuries caused by auto accidents.

Due to a rising number of car accidents in Austin in the last few years, it’s important to visit a chiropractor immediately after a wreck because pain or injuries may not surface for weeks or even months later. 

Escaping a 55mph car wreck on I-35 with nothing more than chipped paint on your bumper is a relief, but if you’ve been suffering from back or neck pain that pesky car accident may have caused more damage than you originally thought. Although you may feel unharmed after an automobile accident, injuries can appear weeks and even months later, which is why new treatments in chiropractic medicine help assess the harm right away and prevent pain from developing.

Despite being ranked the lowest for the total amount of traffic incidents compared to other big cities in Texas, Austin is experiencing an alarming increase in traffic related incidents each year. The Texas Department of Transportation reported a 12.6% increase in automobile accidents from 2015 to 2016 with that number expected to rise in 2017. Traffic incidents can occur for various reasons but in Austin driving under the influence, texting and driving, and lack of awareness for cyclists and pedestrians are the main causes of traffic related incidents. Seeing a chiropractor may be your best solution for relieving pain and healing your injuries that may not have appeared evident at first but could ultimately affect you for years to come.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries in automobile accidents and occurs when your head and neck are forced backwards and forwards, putting stress on the joins and spine. Whiplash happens most often when a driver is rear-ended or a driver is forced to stop with immediate force to avoid an accident. Passengers can also experience the effects of whiplash.

In a study reported by Reuters Health, “more than half of victims will still be feeling pain six months after the initial accident and up to 30 percent have moderate to severe disability as a result.”

The research also revealed that receiving counseling on how to manage whiplash disorders is equally as effective as stringent physical therapy programs, both treatments are offered by a chiropractor.

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