Chiropractic Advice

 2008 track and field Olympic gold medalist and 2013 400-meter relay National Champion.

Natasha Hastings believes a chiropractor is a key component of maintaining her athletic prowess, providing her body with the constant care and maintenance needed to push her to the next level.

Once Natasha Hastings, 2008 Olympic gold medalist and 2013 400-meter National Champion has one foot on the mark at the starting line of a race, she is focused on only one goal, winning. Off the track Hastings has to direct her attention to several other components required of being a track and field Olympic athlete, such as healthy eating, training, and constant upkeep of her body. Absolute Wellness Center in Austin, a leader in Chiropractic medicine aids her in the upkeep demanded by being an athlete, so she can focus her energy on winning and reaching her goals.   

For Hastings, earning a coveted spot on the track and field roster for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing and the 2016 games in Rio was a dream, but running is not only hard work, determination but also, “constant maintenance on her body” she says.

 Hastings has utilized the personalized services at Absolute Wellness Center in Austin since 2014 stating, “Dr. Dan has been an integral part of my training and I think maintenance is just as important as training and he’s played a big part in that”.

 She is no stranger to greatness, her trailblazing running style has been well documented in the New York Times since she was setting records and winning relays and races when she was in high school in New York.

Although her long track and field career has been rewarding, running can cause stress on the knees, legs, and back, which can be painful and lead to bone and muscle injuries. A chiropractor can help reduce stress-induced injuries and help relax and repair damaged areas caused by running or sports.

 She relies on Dr. Dan to design innovative chiropractic solutions and services that cater to her body and her tough training, keeping her fresh on the track. She visits Absolute Wellness Center preemptively before injuries get painful in order to feel healthy and ready for upcoming competitions.

 Hastings commitment to using chiropractic medicine has become a necessity in her training and her life, she has even decided once she runs her last race and puts her running shoes away for good that her next goal will be to become a chiropractor, so she can help athletes like herself.

 You don’t have to be on Hastings relay team to take care of your body, even novice runners can experience injuries. Visit Absolute Wellness Center to see how our services can help you improve and maintain your body.