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3 Adjustments to Help Reduce Back Pain and Health Risks Associated With Long Periods of Sitting

Is it starting to feel like your job is killing you? It may appear that your bosses tight deadlines and overbearing attitude is the culprit, but your office chair is the one to blame. Scientists at the Mayo Clinic and National Cancer Institute told the Washington Post that sitting for over 8 hours a day at work can cause permanent health problems, such as a higher risk for cancer, back and leg problems, muscle degeneration, and strains in the shoulders and neck. These 3 easy steps can help reduce back pain and other health risks associated with sitting down for prolonged periods.

Sitting less and moving more (even if its ten minutes) throughout the workday can have significant health benefits. Even making a few changes to your cubicle can drastically improve posture and painful irritation.

It’s easy to tell why no one likes Mondays, but strict deadlines and long hours at the office are not the only thing to dread about work. Sedentary sitting and inactivity at the office can poses significant problems health problems, so add it to the list before Monday starts.

Frequent visits to a chiropractor is another proactive way to alleviate the onset of the conditions associated with long durations of sitting. Chiropractors can assign certain treatments to fix your problems and can also design a plan that helps you find a workplace solution. It’s easy to make a few adjustments at the office in order to reduce the risks associated with inactivity during your long day at work, so don’t just sit there, get started!

3 easy ways to help reduce back pain associated with sitting down for prolonged periods of time:

1. Invest in a standing desk.

If your jobs requires you to remain at a desk all day, investing in a standing desk will help improve your posture and eliminate discomfort in your shoulders, back, neck, knees, and legs. The lack of movement caused by sitting all day can create problems for the discs in your back and can reduce muscle mass.
A standing workstation allows you to adjust your desk up and down so you can switch between standing and sitting and can be a positive way to improve your health at work. Standing during work, allows you to stretch your spine and legs and reserves the effects caused by inactivity and sitting in an uncomfortable office chair.

2. Adjust your chair for a better fit or use an alternative like a medicine ball.

Sitting at a desk all day, hunched over can create muscle stiffness and tightness, which can create long lasting problems for your body and can affect your posture. Oftentimes, workers do not have the right chair or haven’t adjusted it to fit their body, which can create pressure in the hips and back.
Adjust the back of your office chair so that the lumbar support fits into the curve of your lower back to maximize comfort and reduce pain in your back. Investing in an ergonomic chair or medicine ball also helps reduce irritation in your back.

3. Take frequent walking or stretching breaks.

Being sedentary at work has long-term consequences for your body and can even make workers that exercise after sitting at a desk all day “exercise resistant”, according to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin in 2016.  Taking a small five-minute break every hour during the long workday day to stretch and walk has significant physical and emotional benefits.
Walking and stretching throughout the day not only boosts productivity and improves your mood, but also generates blood flow to the muscles and produces much needed energy for your body, which burns more calories. Even if you exercise regularly after sitting all day at work, you may not be doing enough to prevent injury and promote a healthy lifestyle, so start standing and stretching too!
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