Chiropractic AdviceA man in pain from a back injure which occurred while heavy lifting boxes.

Heavy Lifting Tips to Save Your Back

Have you ever lifted a really heavy object and strained or injured your back in the process? It’s one of the most common injuries at home and in the workplace, but with proper techniques, you can save your back from undue pain.

Lift less

If you think an object you need to carry is going to be too heavy, it probably is. The time saved making one trip as opposed to two is tempting, but it’s still far better if you take multiple trips when moving heavy objects.

Proper Exercise

Exercising regularly can drastically help with exercises while performing heavy lifting at home. Leg and back strengthening workouts are good for spinal health, as well as your overall health.
Proper squat technique is also very helpful when lifting regular objects around the the house.

Widen your stance

Make sure your legs are shoulder-width apart when lifting objects. If your stance is too narrow, it will restrict your movement, causing your body to contract and contort, allowing a higher risk of injuries.

Don’t slump your back

Keeping good posture while lifting heavy objects can be difficult, but is absolutely necessary in avoiding back injuries. Keep your back straight while lifting and carrying as much as possible. If an object is too big or too heavy, get help from someone and lift the object together.

Keep your body straight

Avoid twisting and contorting your body as much as possible when carrying heavy objects. Keep your legs, torso, and shoulders all in position together while you carry.

Don’t jerk when picking things up or putting things down

Slow and steady is better for your spinal health than quick jerks. When you jerk objects up or down, the immediate strain causes your muscles to tighten, which can quickly lead to a sudden strain.

Properly lifting heavy objects

      • Squat down to the object with your knees, leaving your stance at shoulder width
      • Keep your back straight as you lift the object up, using your legs for the power of the lift instead of your core
      • Make sure the object is close to you, and level with your stomach, not too high that you become top heavy, or too low that you have to slouch to carry the object
      • Make smaller movements while walking with the object, and use the power in your hips while turning when carrying the object
      • Set the object down slowly, squatting down using your knees and hips.

Follow these tips and steps, and you’ll be at less risk for injuring your back while lifting heavy items.

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