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How Lower Back Pain Can Affect Sex

Lower back pain affects about 31 millions Americans’ lives. It is the leading cause of disability around the world and keeps most people from going to work, working out, getting good rest, and usually leaves a person in daily pain.

But what most people don’t like talking about is how it affects their sex lives. This is still a taboo topic for some people, but it’s important to acknowledge that lower back pain can cause sexual problems in a relationship and affect the intimacy between couples.

With Valentine’s Day being next week, we thought this would be a good topic to discuss since it’s rarely talked about, but is a huge problem for all couples. Lower back pain affects the sex lives of couples everywhere.

Why Sex Can Make Lower Back Pain Worse

The spinal movement involved with sex can cause any chronic back pain related to disk disease, arthritis, spinal stenosis, or herniated disks to have flare ups and irritation. People who have recently gone through back surgery and are recovering can also suffer from chronic back pain and might want to avoid sex.

Men tend to be affected more by lower back pain than women. It’s estimated that up to 84% of men have sex less often because of low back pain.

In addition to the spine being put under stress, the human body uses its core and hip muscles. Sex can be a very physical activity. Depending on where your pain is, flexion (bending forward or sitting) or extension (leaning backward) can make it worse for your muscles.

Recommendations for Dealing with Lower Back Pain During Sex

Unfortunately, there is no one sex position to recommend for lower back pain during sex. Back pain can be worsened by movement and one sex position may not work for another person, depending on the type of injury or pain they are experiencing in their lower back. It’s recommended you see a chiropractic specialist if you’re experiencing frequent pain.

Here’s a few tips you can try before sex to help with low back pain though:

Use Pillows or Towels to Help Support Your Back and Reduce Strain

Pillows, or even rolled up towels, can be used to make your back more comfortable and help prevent back pain. Placing a pillow under your head or knees will help support them and lessen any strain on the back. Also elevating the hips with pillows, so there’s no need to bend, can help.

Warm Bath Help Muscles Relax

A warm bath is great for muscle soreness and tension. The heat will help increase circulation and relax your muscles. A warm bath is recommended especially for lower back pain because it can help with any knots that have formed.

Try Stretching or Yoga to Help with Back Flexibility.

Stretching helps improve your flexibility and warm up your muscles before engaging in an activity, so it’s a good idea to try stretching or even some yoga poses before sex. Good poses to try are: Downward Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, and Cat and Cow Pose.

Let your partner Know You’re in Pain

A great step towards helping your relationship with your partner is to let them know you’re experiencing pain in your lower back during sex. Making them aware of the situation means you can both work together on the problem and avoid making it even worse.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Lower Back Pain

Talk to your chiropractic doctor about the pain you’re experiencing. That way you can get the help you need without limiting your sex life because of back pain.

If you’re located in the Austin area, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with us if you are experiencing lower back during sex or other activities. You can receive a free digital X-ray by visiting our South Austin Chiropractors. We’ll help you get moving again. Contact us today.