Chiropractic AdvicePain Reliefpreview of testimonial video by jiu jitsu competitor laura

Laura is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor.

About a year ago, when she had started competing in jiu-jitsu, Laura experienced a rib injury. Laura had never really gone to a chiropractors in the past except for maybe a couple times and had had bad experiences. She talked to a friend of hers that does MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in town and he referred Laura to Dr. Shaddock.

Laura showed up and found Dr. Shaddock to be super knowledgeable. He explained what was going on. He didn’t try to sell Laura a bunch of packages and he also was pretty realistic about Laura getting back on the mats and training, even though she was injured.

That’s what drew Laura in because Dr. Shaddock wasn’t telling her, “Hey, you need to stop training, you need to rest and take time off.” As an athlete, Laura didn’t want to do that.

Laura started seeing Dr. Shaddock for minor aches and pains, adjustments, and even some major injuries. She’s been healthy the whole time. It’s been a very, very good experience with Dr. Shaddock.

Laura would definitely recommend Dr. Shaddock to other athletes. There have been some times where she had thought she definitely wouldn’t be able to do this tournament, she would have to withdraw, and she’s gone into Absolute Life Wellness Center and leaves confident and ready to go again. Dr. Shaddock adjusts Laura, makes her feel better, and tells her what to do to stay in shape for the tournament.

Laura’s always been able to get in on time, same day, so give Dr. Shaddock a call and tell him what’s going on.