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martial arts training on the beach during a sunrise

Preventing Martial Arts Injuries

The practice of martial arts as a contact sport relies on the explosive movement of muscles and joints. Because of the rapid nature of its motions and the intense training regiment, it is important for practitioners to prepare and protect their bodies from injury. When learning kung fu, kickboxing, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, and judo, it is important to follow prescribed steps to avoid injury.

mma fighters sustaining injury

Common MMA Injuries

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA combines martial arts influences from disciplines practiced all over the world. Participants in MMA bouts fight with a limited set of rules to earn points awarded by judges. Fights can also end by force if a fighter causes his or her opponent to lose consciousness, surrender the fight, or sustain too much injury.

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The 5 Effects of Bad Posture (and 5 Ways to Fix It)

If you are suffering from a mild discomfort, poor posture may make it worse. If you have a strained back, bad posture could further weaken and even break the muscle. The correct posture places pressure in the areas of the body designed to bear the load. By sitting the wrong way, you are placing weight on areas of your body that should not receive pressure. Incorrect sitting creates more maladies, putting other body parts at risk for injury.