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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Treating Migraine

If you suffer from frequent headaches, then you are not alone. Out of 10 Americans, nine suffer from headaches. While some are frequent, others are occasional, some cause nausea and debilitating pain, and others are dull and throbbing.

Today, an increasing number of people with migraines are turning to chiropractors for help since research suggests that spinal manipulation may act as a powerful treatment method for tension headaches and migraines that originate in the back. Although the studies on the value of chiropractic care for migraine management aren’t that large, they do prove a point.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) featured a study in 2014 that showed how advancements in chiropractic care are improving ways for managing acute and chronic neck pain. Another 2011 study published in JMPT stated that spinal manipulation could assist in improving cariogenic migraines.

Chiropractors believe that migraines are a product of vertebrae misalignment (subluxation) and they develop in the spine, which can aggravate the nerves present in the spine, traveling all the way to the brain. This subluxation might result in chemical imbalances in the brain, which, in turn, may pave the way to headaches and migraines. Other chiropractors think that readjusting the vertebrae can discharge the built up pressure against agitated nerves and thereby relieve headaches.

When you visit a chiropractor for migraine treatment, he or she will either perform spinal manipulation to correct its function or will offer you valuable advice about ways to alleviate your migraine symptoms, along with relaxation exercises and techniques to release joint irritation and muscle stiffness.

Before the chiropractic treatment, a physical exam will most likely be carried out to rule out any possible crisis cases, such as tumors, vascular issues, and vision disorders. Afterwards, an assessment will be made, which will highlight any sensitive trigger points in the upper back and lower neck muscles. A proper treatment plan will then be devised to reduce the stress on your system and also enhance your spinal functions.

If you’ve had no luck with medication and other migraine treatments so far, you should consider going to a chiropractor. These professionals have undergone extensive qualifications and training that enable them to assist their patients in numerous ways beyond treatment for just neck and back pain. They are aware of the fact that spinal tension can impact the rest of the body, and thus take appropriate steps to work on those problem areas.

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