Reducing Lower Back Pain With Yoga

Lower back pain is a common and unwelcome ailment in adults in the United States with 4 out of 5 adults experiencing lower back pain in their lifetime due to aging, injuries, poor posture, inactivity, or other underlying causes. The pain can be frequent and often times severe, which can be debilitating and can affect your ability to complete daily tasks, but luckily new studies show that yoga can be a cost-effective solution to help reduce pain and aid with pain management.

group of teenagers sitting on a bench with their laptops

Can Chiropractic Care Help Teenagers?

We’ve found that no matter your age, chiropractic care offers a benefit to your health. That’s why our Austin family chiropractic team spends time learning about your activity regiment and works to improve your overall health.

Adolescence is perhaps one of the most crucial times to your body’s development, which means you should take special care to treat it right and establish a foundation of good health.